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Outfits Inspired By Superheroes: Shadowcat and Phoenix

This week, Leia has taken a break from putting together outfits and handed the reins over to me! I am not quite the least fashionable lady at IHOGeek (Leia proudly holds that title) but I am damn sure the runner up since I can kinda sorta match things. Since the last few have been going the DC route, I decided that since I am taking over this week, I will show you what us Marvel girls can do. As always, I plan on slowly buying these items and wearing them in the real, but if you have something similar, I challenge you to show me! And to take it one step further, I will explain why I chose the pieces I did for my outfits. So, ready to jump right in? Let's take a look at the lovely Miss Kitty Pryde first!

Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat

Casual Kitty:

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DC’s New 52 and the Awful Gender Imbalance

Word around the streets of San Diego this year as Comic Con took to the city was all about DC and the innovative reboot of their franchise, referred to as The New 52. DC Comics plans to reinvent itself with 52 entirely new #1 issues, which means a lot of cutting, pruning and in some cases complete erasing of your favorite characters and arcs. During SDCC, DC held multiple panels to promote the reboot, including Flashpoint, Batman, Superman and Justice League America panels. Here is where things got messy, as during the New 52 unveiling, fangirls and boys alike started to notice a continuing theme. Only 6 of the 28 titles revealed about a standalone hero feature a solo story about a woman. Of those 6 female fronted solo titles, only a measly 2 female heroes are not attached to an older male hero. This tells me that DC sees their female characters as either not strong enough to hold a story on their own, or defined by their relationship to a man. How could that possibly happen? Surely the women working at DC would notice this horrible ratio? But this is the kicker. … Continue Reading ››

Ultimate Girlcrush: Top Ten Hottest Girls at San Diego Comic Con!

Hot girls in skimpy costumes at Comic conventions are nothing new. Beautiful celebrities hanging around? Yawn. But what happens when those hot celebrities are promoting awesome nerdy things that - wait for it... - they actually give a shit about? Grab your inhalers, kids! Being a geek isn't stereotypically limited to your mom's basement anymore. These amazing women prove that you can be beautiful and love geeky things - all wrapped up in one awesome package.

10. Lucy Lawless - Spartacus By hottest girls, I do mean hottest women too. Xena is no longer a girl, but she's not that old. Wait...how old IS she again? Early thirties, right? Forty what? Three? No way, you've got to be joking me. Lawless is clearly the fine wine of Warrior Princesses, becoming more and more attractive with age. Just don't ask her for a hug. She'll take that chakram and slice your head clean off.

9. Katrina Hill - Oh! You Sexy Geek

Kat (left) with Seth Green and his wife/co-panelist Clare Grant.

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