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Captain America is Hot (Or Jen and Sam Review Winter Soldier in Talky Form)

Hey Everyone if you haven’t seen Captain America: Winter Soldier yet don’t read this incredibly, not at all fan-boyish, really balanced review of Jen and Sam having a not at all super spoilery discussion about the film. Or do.


Book Review: The Brothers Grimm’s ‘The Six Swans’

I live...again! After a longstanding battle with technical issues (one's not quite solved, knock on wood) I've finally returned with another, this time just singular, but nevertheless amazing book to review  from my perpetual favorite publisher, North South . This time it is for the illustrated adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale The Six Swans this time with freelance illustrator Gerda Raidt. swan2 It is a beautiful tale, with a reading level from Kindergarten to 3rd grade, and deserves to be more well known amongst the Grimm's broader repertoire. The premise resembles a lot of other tales; a king is father to six sons and one daughter all of whom he loves very much. He remarries and the jealous and spiteful stepmother, the daughter of a witch, enchants the six princes with a spell that turns them into swans. They fly off into the woods; now only able to turn human for a brief fifteen minutes each night. The princess finds them and vows to save her brothers from the spell, but to do so she is told she must sew six shirts from starflowers and not utter a word, or a laugh, … Continue Reading ››

The Lego Movie Review

People on the internet babble on and on about the newest, super-dee-duper-dee movies and most of the time I'm just like, "Huh? You mean this movie?  It was just an hour of Ryan Gostling staring blankly!".

People also babble on about movies in real life, although they tend to curb their enthusiasm a little.  There's always a, "but" in real life conversations.  "It was great action, but...."

Not only did the internet keep telling me, "Watch the Lego Movie or you're a Nazi, pedophile, and a communist!", but everybody who I talked to didn't use the word, "but".  No way was this movie gonna be good.  I had seen the craptacular Lego CGI they have been spitting out on Cartoon Network when I fell asleep watching Adult Swim and woke up to Lego Ninjago.  The only way I was convinced to go was through a bargain.  I would get to pick whatever movie I wanted next time and not only would they go, but they wouldn't complain about it either.

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God is Dead (And so are shit tons of Angels): Review of Covenant (Book 2 of the Books of Raziel)

I feel like with any good pseudo-religious/YA Fantasy book review we should start out with the requisite blasphemy, and heresy, life wouldn’t be any fun without it. So let’s get to it. I have a confession, I sat at my keyboard for a good 3 hours after finishing Covenant. It’s not easy for me to admit, but I may have tried to masturbate to an airsoft gun enthusiasts magazine. To feel like a man again, that’s how it works right? No?…Well…shit.. Okay…Moving on.