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International House of Geek is going to LBCC!

LBCC! No, not the community college, but the local comic convention which has graced the Long Beach Convention Center for years! Long Beach Comic Con, is a two-day convention held annually each fall. Unlike other conventions; LBCC is a celebration of not only comic book culture, but horror as well! From exhibitors to panels with the best and brightest in the industry; fans can expect a truly exhilarating habitat for their geeky needs. Special this year will be the debut of Long Beach Comic Con Presents: The Marshal report, an online talk show that will be filmed live on the exhibit floor throughout the convention. Of course there will be plenty of guest stars, such as the beautiful and incredibly talented Amanda Conner. Former artist for Power Girl, before DC's ruination reboot of the DC Universe., Amanda Conner recently worked on the four issue Before Watchmen: Silk Specter special. Joining Amanda Conner is Thomas Jane who, if judging by last year, is one of the greatest guests to bless an exhibit floor. Ever. Besides being the recent director/ actor of a … Continue Reading ››

Graphic Novel Review: How Archeologists of Shadows Robo-Slapped Me Out of My Disinterest in Digital Comics

This past week it has been my pleasure to read the new digital graphic novel from Septagon Studios and created by a Spanish team including writer Laura Fuentes and artist Patricio Clarey. Now, as I've previously mentioned, I really don't care for digital comics. Every time one comes up for review I slowly and reluctantly raise my hand out of a pool of tepid disinterest to volunteer because I suppose it gives me something to be annoyed about. Generally I scroll (I hate having to say that) through the pages with a million other distractions and miss out on that escape that comes from holding a graphic novel in my hand. I hold it against the comics, I really do. So, how did Archeologists of Shadows perform against the disadvantage of having such a grumbling and dismissive reviewer? For instance, was my distaste for digital comics overturned? No, but I'm unreasonable. The dominant feeling I did have after finishing the first volume in this epic science fiction tale was that I desperately wanted a printed edition of this comic to sit on my shelf forever. The glossy pages of the bound medium could … Continue Reading ››

IHOG @ The Movies: THE AVENGERS (Spoiler Free)

The Avengers.  What else do I need to say?

Well for starters, "Go see it" comes to mind.  I would normally be all like, "Want to know if it is good or bad?  Well hit the jump to find out.".  But really.  Just go see it. Hit the jump if you would like to read a SPOILER FREE review of The Avengers.  Also hit the jump if you are awesome ;) So yadda, yadda, yadda comic books.  I like comic books, but I am no pro.  I work with a bunch of pro's.  Whenever I dare open my mouth to share an opinion about comic books during our group chats I am quickly hushed like the inept little child I am.  That said, this movie is cool.  It's probably gonna be really cool if you are a huge fan of the comics too.  Just saying. I usually don't recommend 3-D movies, but I do recommend this movie in 3-D.  Why?  Because it was cool looking, won't make you motion sick, and made you feel like you were part of the experience rather than distracting from it.  Also, before the title of the movie even starts you, the … Continue Reading ››

Catching Up on Comics: Ultimate Comics X-Men #7

FINALLY. After waiting just about a month and some change for my local comic shop to have this issue in stock, I finally have my hands on it. I refused to spoil myself by reading numbers 8 and 9 solely because I wouldn't pay 15 whole smackeroos to buy a variant cover that is definitely not as cool as the normal ass 3.99 a pop issue. A moment of silence for my giant sigh of relief, since this issue did not hold up to that of it's predecessors. Issue #6 left us with Seven Hells of a cliffhanger. To recap? Reverend William Stryker was publicly executing mutants in the city square, Rogue gained the team's trust minus Kitty, who is lolling around in a sea of great despair and greater inactivity after losing Peter, only to be found double-crossing her friends to be "healed" by the newly revealed mutant-face Reverend himself - you know, since his mutant powers are the ability to control technology and the X-gene was just revealed to the entire population to be a bio-engineered virus. So our comPadre is then conveniently annihilated by the Cerebra-linked Nimrods dispatched by President Fuckwad at Pietro's persuasion, and since our favorite Shepherd … Continue Reading ››