Who’s Who Geek Edition: Lisa Foiles

I decided to do a set of mini interviews with people I’ve interacted with and have extraordinary backgrounds. Many I’ve met via Facebook and many I’ll meet when I attend SDCC for the first time this July. Next up is Lisa Foiles!

Name: Lisa Foiles
Site: www.lisafoiles.com
Online Handle: @LisaFoiles
Age: 25
Favorite video games: Bioshock, Odin Sphere, Portal 2!

L: As a monthly columnist for Kotaku, you must see and hear it all. Do you have one particular story you’d like to share?

LF: At E3 2010, I got to attend a Bulletstorm party. I was just hanging out and checking out the game, when who shows up to host the party? Kenan Thompson! My former All That co-star! It was the best evening of video games plus reminiscing ever. All That cast members make every party better, I’m certain of it.

L: I just recently sat and watched all of The Street Fighter in which you play Camille. I know this wasn’t your first time acting, but was it different from doing shows like All That in your youth?

LF: Definitely. The filming process was really laid back. The entire crew over there at The Game Station couldn’t be nicer or more professional, especially our director, Layne Pavoggi. Plus, I got to play video games on-screen!

L: Since you seem constantly doing something amazingly cool, what kind of projects do you have in the works?

LF: I wish I could tell you which awesome video game company I’m working with on their next big game. It’s going to be AWESOME. Flying to another state to do voiceovers for them in a few weeks, actually! Plus, I’m doing a lot more writing these days, plus auditioning a bit for new acting gigs.

L: Everyone has a science fiction property that means the world to them, be it Star Wars, Back to the Future, or even E.T. What’s yours?

LF: Wow, it’s gotta be Back to the Future. I’m such a huge fan of ALL THREE FILMS. EVEN THE THIRD ONE. In fact, I would number them 1,3,2 in terms of awesome. Everyone will want to fight me for saying that, but that’s why I bought Ninja Stars at the army surplus store.

L: How excited are you to be working alongside Regina Carpinelli at this year’s Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo? Is there anyone you’re excited to see as a fan?

LF: Can I just say I’m excited to see Regina? As a fan? I love her so much. She is the coolest woman alive. She drives a DeLorean and lives on a yacht, because she can. Hilarious. Anyway, I’m pretty excited to hang out with Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira! She’s an icon.

L: I ask this question of everyone, so be honest: If aliens landed in front of you and, in exchange for anything you desire, offered you any position on their planet, what position would you want? I know I’d crap my pants.

LF: Director of Alien Theme Parks. I’ve got a lot of ideas for great Sigorney Weaver-themed roller coasters.

Many thanks to the hilarious Lisa Foiles (definitely someone you wanna keep an eye on!) for allowing me to interview her. Be sure to check out what she’s doing on Twitter and take a peek at her site!



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