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Catching Up on Comics: Ultimate Comics X-Men #7

FINALLY. After waiting just about a month and some change for my local comic shop to have this issue in stock, I finally have my hands on it. I refused to spoil myself by reading numbers 8 and 9 solely because I wouldn't pay 15 whole smackeroos to buy a variant cover that is definitely not as cool as the normal ass 3.99 a pop issue. A moment of silence for my giant sigh of relief, since this issue did not hold up to that of it's predecessors. Issue #6 left us with Seven Hells of a cliffhanger. To recap? Reverend William Stryker was publicly executing mutants in the city square, Rogue gained the team's trust minus Kitty, who is lolling around in a sea of great despair and greater inactivity after losing Peter, only to be found double-crossing her friends to be "healed" by the newly revealed mutant-face Reverend himself - you know, since his mutant powers are the ability to control technology and the X-gene was just revealed to the entire population to be a bio-engineered virus. So our comPadre is then conveniently annihilated by the Cerebra-linked Nimrods dispatched by President Fuckwad at Pietro's persuasion, and since our favorite Shepherd … Continue Reading ››

Clothes inspired by Superheroes: Wonder Woman and Jubilee

This marks the SIXTH week we have done these superhero fashions and I've gotta say, they have been a blast! I have learned more about fashion than I ever wanted to BUT it's been so enlightening to see what I can do to my bland wardrobe. Hopefully you guys continue to embrace our attempts at this kind of thing. If you have heroes you'd like to suggest to us, tweet them @ IHOGeek, or leave them on our Facebook wall. Without further ado, I give you Wonder Woman and Jubilation Lee! Wonder Woman Dressy: Blazer - Dots $17 Dress - CharlotteRusse $30 Shoes - Kohl's $55 Clutch - refer to Iron Man Diana of Themyscira is not someone to be taken lightly so I did my best at making these outfits bold. Princess or not, I hope you guys like my take on Wonder Woman's iconic outfit!

Casual: Top - A'gaci $10 Shorts - HotTopic $25 Clutch - Etsy $10 Shoes - Journeys $40 Bracelets - Forever21 $5

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jubilee Dressy Jacket - CharlotteRusseContinue Reading ››

X-Men: Destiny

X-Men: Destiny
Publisher: Silicon Knights & Activision
Platform: Xbox360
Hours: 16

I'm unsure if this has ever come up in a random post here on IHOGeek but I play retarded amounts of video games. I play video games when I can't sleep, when I'm sad, and when I'm just really in the mood to play blitzball. With this in mind, I also love the X-Men. Numerous hours were put into X-Men Legends (1 and 2) and when I heard about this new game coming out, I pre-ordered it.  I also realize this game came out months ago but because it sucked so hard, it took forever for me to write this :)

I was super pumped to unwrap this game, cause c'mon, it's fuckin' X-Men, and as I eagerly popped that sucker into my XBox360, I waited breathlessly for what I hoped to be a cutting edge intro. Not so much. Aside from a brief speech from a politician informing me of Xavier's recent death, I'm taken to a screen where I can scroll through playable characters. All whopping three of them. I chose the little asian girl (Aimi) who looked more like Raziel … Continue Reading ››

Catching Up On Cartoons – Wolverine and the X-Men Season One

Oh, Netflix. I don't tell you often enough how much I appreciate what you do for me. You have so many cartoons and allow me to revisit a good majority of my childhood favorites in my downtime while you find new things for me to watched based on my interests! Though where you got the idea to add Laguna Beach to my recommended viewings is completely beyond my grasp.  That one mistake aside, however, you and I are clearly going to have a long and fruitful relationship as I reminisce old favorites and find newer, sometimes better versions of the things I loved as a child. Which, most recently, has become the 2008 NickToons series Wolverine and the X-Men. For those of you who, like me, had extreme reservations to watching  this X-Men title, I totes understand the apprehension. After all, nothing could beat the "classic" 90's animated series, right? You know, with their "all-star" lineup? Don't worry. While this title went  sans the shoulder pads of the 90's, it didn't cross the borderline into whimsical land like X-Men: Evolution, either. Definitely a darker cartoon for an older crowd. So if you've … Continue Reading ››