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Fangasm: Date With A Supermodel

I was excited to tune in to this week's Fangasm, but would the impending drama stop me and others from continuing with the show? I thoroughly enjoyed the premiere, but in case you missed it, the show revolves around  seven super fans who move to LA and intern for Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. One of the best things about the show is that it’s non-elimination, so these seven are here to stay: Molly McIsaac: Red-headed cosplayer with a husky voice Paul Perkins: Adorable dude that lives in parent’s basement Sal Fringo: Curly haired comic book enthusiast Andrew Duvall: Tall, lanky guy who just wants to captain the Enterprise Kristen Hackett: Blonde fashion designer from New York Mike Reed: Relatively normal looking guy who digs everything Dani Bullis: Petite red-head and special effects make-up artist The goofy interns return this week and their challenge is one that would make me freak out: create a series of 30-60 second promotional videos for Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo.  Andrew is also sent on a coffee run and I can't help but feel for the guy, as his nervousness definitely strikes a chord within me. As the group reconvenes, and comes up with some solid ideas, Sal and Andrew … Continue Reading ››

Fangasm: Beam Me Up, Stan

Hot on the heels of Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay, comes a new show titled Fangasm, which follows seven super fans who move to LA and intern for Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. One of the best things about the show is that it’s non-elimination, so these seven are here to stay (gods willing of course!).

Luckily, Regina herself gave me several quotes on the episode, including who her favorite intern is, so read on!

Face Off Season 2 Finale

THE FINALE HAS FINALLY COME AND WE HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UNTO THE PROMISED LAND OF SPECIAL EFFECT MAKE-UP!!  *ahem* Well after a very strange season that I began to doubt half-way through, I can honestly say I was damn excited for the finale.  While the final three competitors aren't as interesting of personalities as the Season 1 finalists, their talent is equal.  Rayce has consistently proven himself as a great sculptor and a master designer this season, Ian has shown that even though he lacks confidence his designs come out surprisingly wonderful most of the time (lets call him the wild card), and RJ is the creative powerhouse of the bunch. The designs that got them to the finale were;

This was Rayce's design that got him to the finale. He thought he was going home due to technical difficulties with the tail, but in the end it came together.

Ian's design was a bit safer than most, but wonderfully executed.

RJ made a VelociRapper. Heh, cool.

So let's get to the finale!! … Continue Reading ››

Face Off Season 2 – Episode 2 – “Water World”

After a wonderful premiere of Face Off Season 2, I can't help but feel Episode 2, "Water World" really had a lot of potential but dropped the ball in the end.  Instead of focusing on what the artists were actually doing to waterproof the prosthetics and help their models breath underwater, the episode was instead edited to focus on the reality-television drama we've so readily come to expect.  I watch this show to see the prosthetics and how the artists accomplish them, not to watch which girl doesn't get along with another girl! There were a few highlights and a few major disappointments as well in the final products.  This weeks winner definitely deserved it and this weeks loser definitely deserved it too.  Hit the jump to get my impressions of Episode 2. EDIT -  Click HERE to read my review for the Season 2 Finale "Water World" opened with the remaining thirteen competitors being brought to an aquarium filled with sea life from the Pacific and told their challenge would be to pick an animal from the aquarium and make a prosthetic costume based on that animal.  Split into teams of two (with … Continue Reading ››