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Brace Yourself. I’m Going to New York Comic Con

With that first fresh breeze of under 90 degree weather, also comes October and what happens in October, my fellow geeks?

New York Comic Con!

This will be the first time I attend this bustling convention and in the Big Apple no less. Hmm, a Texan in the Big Apple....sounds like the makings of a sitcom, but I digress. I read Deadrabbit92's thrilling account of what it was like to wade through the ass tons of people at this particular convention and I swore to be there. If you'd like to break out that grade A stalking gear (namely your smart phone equipped with Twitter and veritable amounts of courage to say hi), here's where myself, Ladyvader99, and Deadrabbit92 can be found: As Thursday and Sunday are exclusively set aside for gratuitous amounts of touristy tourist stuffs and sampling the cuisines of the locals, Friday looks like this: Kaitlyn                                                                         Leia 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm                            11:00 … Continue Reading ››

Star Wars Fan Days in Dallas

Say what you will about the state of my birth, Texas is downright awesome when it comes to conventions. Get ready for the jealousy train to pull into the Irving Convention Center because this October 8th and 9th the mad geniuses behind Dallas Comic Con and Sci-Fi Expo, Official Pix and C2 Ventures, present Star Wars Fan Days in Dallas! My first foray into Star Wars Fan Days was just about 6 years ago in 2005, when it was held across the street from my then apartment complex at the Plano Centre. Though the venue has changed this year in lieu of the larger capacity Irving Convention Center, the convention's central theme remains the same. A bunch of nerds getting together to geek out about Star Wars with a bunch of other nerds, with appearances by some famous nerds, who make us all nerd out even more. Why haven't you marked your calender yet? I'll give you more reasons. This year's guests of honor are renowned artist Jim Steranko and charismatic space scoundrel Billy Dee Williams. Media guests include the Godfather of Star Wars fiction Timothy Zahn who … Continue Reading ››