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DC Solicitations for January 2012!

We're half way into the second month of DC's New 52, and although retailers are reporting a slight drop in sales, the figures are still higher then last years reported sales. About twice as much in fact. Whether or not the sales will hold up into 2012 has yet to be seen. What we do have, however, are the solicits for January 2012! There are no new titles being released, which is a bit of a shocker, but the month still shows some serious promise in terms of story potential! JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #5 Written by DAN JURGENS Art by AARON LOPRESTI and MATT RYAN Cover by DAVID FINCH and RICHARD FRIEND On sale JANUARY 4 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US RATED T The JLI has one last chance to stop the alien powerhouse known as Peraxxus before he and his SignalMen bring about the end of the world. Will the team be able to work together, or will they bear the responsibility for Earth’s destruction? GREEN ARROW #5 Written by KEITH GIFFEN and DAN JURGENS Art by DAN JURGENS … Continue Reading ››

DC Solicitations for December 2011!

With the initial run of DC's new 52 wrapping up, many questions about this new universe that have yet to be answered. The fates of many popular characters are still up in the air, not only in regards to their existence, but their origin! One example would be Karen Starr, or as she is more commonly referred to, Power Girl. With lasts weeks release of Mister Terrific, we did get a whiff of this universes version of Karen Starr; but whether or not she is even a superhero, let alone Kara Zor-L from Earth 2, has yet to be answered. Luckily, for us, DC has just released solicits for the month of December, and some of these questions are being answered, not a lot however. More changes are coming, this time in the teams behind DC's new titles. Some of these changes are great, and actually breathed life into titles I thought were lack luster, or too different from their previous incarnations. For instance, December’s issue of Green Arrow will feature a story by writer Keith Giffen! I'm so excited for this, as I felt J.T. Krull's first issue on the … Continue Reading ››

DC’s New 52 and the Awful Gender Imbalance

Word around the streets of San Diego this year as Comic Con took to the city was all about DC and the innovative reboot of their franchise, referred to as The New 52. DC Comics plans to reinvent itself with 52 entirely new #1 issues, which means a lot of cutting, pruning and in some cases complete erasing of your favorite characters and arcs. During SDCC, DC held multiple panels to promote the reboot, including Flashpoint, Batman, Superman and Justice League America panels. Here is where things got messy, as during the New 52 unveiling, fangirls and boys alike started to notice a continuing theme. Only 6 of the 28 titles revealed about a standalone hero feature a solo story about a woman. Of those 6 female fronted solo titles, only a measly 2 female heroes are not attached to an older male hero. This tells me that DC sees their female characters as either not strong enough to hold a story on their own, or defined by their relationship to a man. How could that possibly happen? Surely the women working at DC would notice this horrible ratio? But this is the kicker. … Continue Reading ››