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The Birth Of a Hero…Over and Over and Over Again

In the wake of the announced “Batman: Arkham Origins” game, as well as a discussion over Mark Waid’s “Superman: Birthright” for the Canvas Network’s Comics and Gender class this past week, I was forced to take a long look at myself and make a choice. And important choice, true believers.

I was forced to finally admit that I am not a fan of retellings of superhero origins.

DC52 Pull List: Then and Now (Crabby style)

Bat FamilyAlmost nine months have come and gone since DC took the initiative and essentially rebooted their entire universe in hopes of reaching a broader crowd. At first fans, like myself, were worried and even upset at the idea of a DC reboot. Time passed though, and opinions changed. The past nine months have been rocky with some of my fears coming to fruition, and some being put to rest permanently. In the end, most of what I was looking for fell to the wayside, their place being taken by new titles that took me by surprise. Looking back, one title I absolutely was not looking forward too, Batwing, is currently one of my ongoing favorites! So, following Leia's lead, here's a list of my original pulls along with the new blood. Justice League International (Kind of): Currently, I am still buying this title. However,  I would not recommend this to anyone, but die-hard Booster Gold fans. I had high hopes for this title thinking they would pick up exactly where JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST had left off. I was wrong. It would seem the entire JLI's past has been re-written, and … Continue Reading ››

Green Arrow returns to the TV?

It appears that The CW misses its superheroes! A pilot episode for Green Arrow titled “Arrow” has been ordered, says InsideTV.  This does not ‘green’ light a series just yet, however it is hope for Smallville fans everywhere who might want to see the emerald archer return to TV. The now ended series of Smallville introduced Green Arrow in 2006 played by Justin Hartley. The character was very well received by the fans and became part of the recurring cast till its series finale on May 13th 2011. This does not appear to be a Smallville spin off however, as so far Justin Hartley is not attached to the project. No details on the pilot have been released just yet. It might be safe to assume The CW will cast a new face as Green Arrow and start from scratch as there is a lot to the character that wasn’t fully explored in Smallville. As of the new 52 in DC Comics, … Continue Reading ››

DC Comics 2012 Changes!

It's been over 5 months now since DC's daring New 52 was released. The bold move brought about a drastic change in canon for the DC Universe and promised to revitalize the industry as a whole. To deny it was a success financially would be foolish, and even though we're moving into issue 6 of the line-up, some of the biggest questions about DC's new universe have still gone unanswered. Another thing the New 52 has managed to do  is place a spotlight on some of DC's less popular characters. Animal Man, arguably a character not many focused on prior to his new series, has managed to dominate  over some of the more prominent figures in DC's lineup of heroes. Sadly, the same can't be said for six of the original 52's titles. DC recently announced, via The Source,  that six of their new titles will end in April, and make way for six replacements that bring about more questions for the DCnU. Blackhawks, Hawk and Dove, Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C. and Static Shock will all be canceled, and conclude with their 8th

Batman Incorporated

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