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George Takei Pulls Out His Trump Card

Looks like this year, George Takei will be setting his phaser to Trump. Yesterday, Star Trek actor and all around good guy geek George Takei announced via his blog, Twitter and Facebook that he would be another star in the studded line-up of Donald Trump's 12th season of Celebrity Apprentice and is hoping to bring home a fat $250,000 for his charity.
Will the Trump hire me? It's official: I’m a contestant on the new season of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Now, the Donald and I don't always see eye to eye, but I'm doing this for charity, playing to raise money and awareness for Japanese American National Museum. The new season debuts Feb. 12!
The Facebook status alone currently has over 25,000 "Likes," with most commenters saying this will be the first time they will tune in to watch the show. Definitely a new dynamic in viewership. But unlike the rest of his cult following, most of the outside world see Takei as merely Sulu and are bound to underestimate him as just another old Trekkie rather than a viable threat. Oh myyyy. This could get interesting. Takei will be thrown into the pit to … Continue Reading ››

An Error Has Occurred. You Have Been Signed Out of the PlayStation Network.

WE CAN FINALLY PLAY ONLINE AGAIN! Hopefully that will be the last time I ever see those words. After roughly an entire month of PlayStation 3 users being without their online capabilities, Sony has announced that the attack on PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment is finally coming to a close. PlayStation users across the globe will slowly start having their services restored. Somewhat, anyway. For those of you who don’t pay attention to current events or are not internet savvy and are wanting a bit of background info, the series of events leading up to the hack goes back a little further than you would think. PSN has been down since April 16th  as the result of a massive hack, with Internet subculture Anonymous being the prime suspect. George Hotz, known by his online alias geohot and his status as the first person to jailbreak the iPhone, turned his attention to the PlayStation 3 console as Sony removed the “Install Other OS” feature. Hotz posted codes and detailed instructions online to bypass this and subsequently got himself targeted and eventually sued by the multinational corporation. Anonymous was quick to jump to the … Continue Reading ››