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Geek Art Extravaganza

A combination of two of my favorite things

I've got some full articles in the works, but in the mean time how about some cool and nerdy photos, courtesy of The Internet.

Hit the jump for some more photos!

Here are a few more for fans of the Muppets and LOTR

And here is one from a very violent, but cool movie.

Anybody seen Battle Royale?

Ouch. Don't watch Battle Royale if blood makes you squirm.

Click the pic to see more work from this artist

And there are a few people on this site who are fairly obsessed with George R.R. Martin, so here are a few for you guys. ┬áThere is plenty more A Game of Thrones fan-art here. … Continue Reading ››

Apes, Gonzo, Worst Idea Ever, and More

I remember being a wee lad (er, lass) and popped in the floppy disc computer game, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego and I was hooked! Now, it appears to be getting the big screen treatment with Jennifer Lopez as the world famous detective gone rogue. My inner 12 year old is torn between seeing the movie and ew, J.Lo... - Huffington Post If you were lucky enough to catch Rise of the Planet of the Apes in theaters, you hopefully felt like I did and thought it was phenomenal! Andy Serkis has confirmed that the beginnings of a sequel. This POTA fangirl is extremely pumped. What'd you think of ROTPOTA if you saw it? - Ology Most X-Men fans agree that X-Men: The Last Stand sucked all the balls in the world so why on God's green earth would they hire Simon Kinberg to write the sequel to the successful reboot? Makes TOTAL sense. i09 seems to have a much more hopeful outlook. - io9 Since I woke up with The Muppets theme song on the brain, … Continue Reading ››