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Captain America is Hot (Or Jen and Sam Review Winter Soldier in Talky Form)

Hey Everyone if you haven’t seen Captain America: Winter Soldier yet don’t read this incredibly, not at all fan-boyish, really balanced review of Jen and Sam having a not at all super spoilery discussion about the film. Or do.


The Lego Movie Review

People on the internet babble on and on about the newest, super-dee-duper-dee movies and most of the time I'm just like, "Huh? You mean this movie?  It was just an hour of Ryan Gostling staring blankly!".

People also babble on about movies in real life, although they tend to curb their enthusiasm a little.  There's always a, "but" in real life conversations.  "It was great action, but...."

Not only did the internet keep telling me, "Watch the Lego Movie or you're a Nazi, pedophile, and a communist!", but everybody who I talked to didn't use the word, "but".  No way was this movie gonna be good.  I had seen the craptacular Lego CGI they have been spitting out on Cartoon Network when I fell asleep watching Adult Swim and woke up to Lego Ninjago.  The only way I was convinced to go was through a bargain.  I would get to pick whatever movie I wanted next time and not only would they go, but they wouldn't complain about it either.

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