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Captain America is Hot (Or Jen and Sam Review Winter Soldier in Talky Form)

Hey Everyone if you haven’t seen Captain America: Winter Soldier yet don’t read this incredibly, not at all fan-boyish, really balanced review of Jen and Sam having a not at all super spoilery discussion about the film. Or do.


God is Dead (And so are shit tons of Angels): Review of Covenant (Book 2 of the Books of Raziel)

I feel like with any good pseudo-religious/YA Fantasy book review we should start out with the requisite blasphemy, and heresy, life wouldn’t be any fun without it. So let’s get to it. I have a confession, I sat at my keyboard for a good 3 hours after finishing Covenant. It’s not easy for me to admit, but I may have tried to masturbate to an airsoft gun enthusiasts magazine. To feel like a man again, that’s how it works right? No?…Well…shit.. Okay…Moving on.